Welcome to my personal website! I know this is a bit of a rarity in this day 'n age of social networking sites--Facebook, MySpace, and the like--but I've maintained one website or another of my own for nearly 12 years now, and see no reason to up 'n quit. However, as sign of the times, this version of my site ("Walt 2.0," if you will) is to serve primarily as a central hub to direct you to whatever content of mine you want to find online...

You will primarily find me on Facebook, with an occasional posting at Twitter. Though I'm not on much, you'll find all of the comic cover images I've created the last few years over at ComicSpace. When not on Facebook or browsing other comic news sites, you'll  generally find me at Comixtreme.com, where I've been a comic reviewer for just over four years now (and for comic reviews not posted there, see my blog links below).

I'll eventually be adding original content back into this site--archives of my past writings (poetry, short stories, fan-fiction, fanzine) as well as my "quotes collection" and whatnot.

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My blogs:

Walt's Writings & Thoughts

  • My main blog; I try to update it at least once a day, though generally works out to about five times/week or so.

Comic Reviews by Walt

  • This is where I post all the comic reviews I write that I'm not able to post over at Comixtreme. In general I try to have reviews of new comics up by Friday nights, though back-issue reviews vary based on when I write 'em and when I get around to posting them.

Book Reviews by Walt

  • Book reviews of books I've read go here. Unfortunately, for as much as I read, I don't tend to finish books all that frequently, as I tend to wind up reading part of a lot of books simultaneously.


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