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“Victory’s price is sometimes painfully expensive.”

~ Dan Jurgens (Zero Hour: Crisis in Time)

“My god…it’s true…absolute power does corrupt absolutely…”

~ Oliver Queen (Dan Jurgens, Zero Hour: Crisis in Time)

“Maybe once I never would have considered anything like this. But times have changed—and weren’t you the one who always told me—to get involved?”

~ Hal Jordan (Dan Jurgens, Zero Hour: Crisis in Time)

“Do you ever think about them, out there? All those people, in their little apartments, in their houses? All those dreams, all those hopes, all packed into this one city. So concentrated, so entangled…”

~ Confessor (Kurt Busiek, Astro City: Confession)

“Nothing’s changed . . . Both faces are always there. The darker one stays shadowed most of the time…”

~ Confessor (Kurt Busiek, Astro City: Confession)

“And in the final judgment, what is more important? The burdens we bear—or the way we bear them?”

~ Confessor (Kurt Busiek, Astro City: Confession)

“A lot of things look simple…from the outside.”

~ Confessor (Kurt Busiek, Astro City: Confession)

“And is that why we do what we do? For public approval, for fame? Do we help people because they will be appropriately grateful—or merely because they need the help?”

~ Confessor (Kurt Busiek, Astro City: Confession)

“Things always change . . . There is ebb and flow, as some voices grow louder, and others fade. But underneath, the world is still the same, still a shadowed pathway through fields of good and forests of evil—with the battered, confused, overwhelmed souls who walk it choosing anew every day that they live. And if the forces of anger and unreason are growing, if humanity is losing sight of their path—then is it not all the more crucial that they be shown their choice? That they be shown the way?”

~ Confessor (Kurt Busiek, Astro City: Confession)

“What, is there more than one war that matters to Americans? Your war on terror. It’s so confusing to the rest of us—Your allies that you ignore. It changes every day. Who you’re fighting. Where you’re fighting—What the great evil is that America must destroy today. I don’t think you know why you’re fighting…I don’t think you know what you believe.”

~ A Passenger, to Steve Rodgers (John Ney Rieber, Captain America v. 4, # 4)

“I’m here to protect the people. And the dream—not your secrets.”

~ Captain America (John Ney Rieber, Captain America v. 4, # 4)

“The torch, held with nobility and honor by the first generation—has been passed. There is no applause, no words of congratulations. The silence screams respect.”

~ Dan Jurgens (Zero Hour: Crisis in Time)

“He knew her. He knows that. In another time, another world—he knew her. And he loved her. And that makes all the difference.”

~ Kurt Busiek (Astro City: Convessions)

“Guys! I—Hello! I am not robbing anything! I don’t even have any pockets!!””

~ Spider-Man (Brian Bendis, Ultimate Spider-Man # 29)

“Sometimes there are no answers…only more questions.”

~ Mike Grell (Green Arrow: The Longbow Hunters # 1)

“We’ve been together a long time…longer than some marriages last these days. Do you know why? Because we give each other exactly what we need…companionship…privacy…support…independence…commitment…freedom.”

~ Dinah Lance (Mike Grell, Green Arrow: The Longbow Hunters # 1)

“They’re gone, aren’t they? The memories are still there, but those old days of glory are gone for good. What happens? Do we change? Or do the changes happen without us…leaving us behind? I don’t feel any different, but I know I’m not the same . . . We’ll never have those days back again, will we? No matter how hard we try.”

~ Oliver Queen (Mike Grell, Green Arrow: The Longbow Hunters # 1)

“No matter the consequences, no matter the pain—doing the right thing will always carry a heavy burden…”

~ Quicksilver (Fabian Nicieza, X-Men # 25)

“’We are all but bit players in a tragedy far larger than any of us…a tragedy called Life.”

~ Magneto (Fabian Nicieza, X-Men # 25)

“Always strive to heal through the open hand, rather than hammer home solutions through the closed fist.”

~ Professor X (as quoted by Jean Grey) (Fabian Nicieza, X-Men # 25)

“For my entire life, I have fought for the sake of a dream . . . But what happens when the dream becomes the nightmare?”

~ Professor X (Fabian Nicieza, X-Men # 25)

“Dreams fade. Dreamers come and go, but the hope which fuels the fires of our passion—our goal—must not die out!”

~ Professor X (Fabian Nicieza, X-Men # 25)

“Power is nothing . . . You have it. I have it. What matters most are the choices we make on how that power is used.”

~ Professor X (Fabian Nicieza, X-Men # 25)

“You ever been hurt so bad, you couldn’t hear anything but a high-pitched roar…and then you realized that it was the sound o’ yourself, screamin’?”

~ Wolverine (Larry Hama, Wolverine # 75)

“I was sentimental—back when I was old.”

~ Batman (Frank Miller, DK2: The Dark Knight Strikes Again # 3)

“Where’s a wish go? Where’s a dream go when you wake up and you can’t remember it? Nowhere.”

~ Captain Marvel (Frank Miller, DK2: The Dark Knight Strikes Again # 3)

“Come on, Grandma! Go! Go!! Can’t wait to get my license so I can sit in this all day.”

~ Spider-Man (Brian Bendis, Ultimate Spider-Man # 28)

“It is the bonds we make that we know will be broken, those we love who we know will not be with us forever—that are all the more precious, simply because they will one day be gone. Those are the bonds we must take joy in, the comrades we must celebrate now, while they remain near to us.”

~ Thor (Kurt Busiek, Avengers vol. 3, # 55)

“Time is a mere reference point for those who try to control and understand things which they, in fact, can neither control nor understand.”

~ The Magus (Peter David, Captain Marvel vol. 3, # 33)

“Evil cannot be protected by office, title, or uniform. Justice must ever be served.”

~ Thor (Dan Jurgens, Thor vol. 2, # 54)

“No God who truly loved his children could torture them as I’ve been tortured . . . And don’t you dare tell me it’s God’s will. The real truth is simple . . . There is no God!! Pray all you want, but no one will answer them! I know because I’ve tried. I’ve prayed all my life…dared to hope and believe…and all I get is pain. Pain…and death.”

~ Mrs. Jennings (Dan Jurgens, Thor vol. 2, # 54)

“Some are like me . . . Our beliefs are vague…generalized. We only see the inside of a church when a friend dies or gets married. Maybe on Christmas. But that’s about it. We don’t dwell on it. We just sorta hope we’ll have the right answers when we need ‘em.”

~ Chucky Diamond (Dan Jurgens, Thor vol. 2, # 54)

“The thing that is important to remember…the thing which eases our pain…is that wherever you are, wherever you happen to be at any given moment…it’s pretty damn important to the people you’re with at the time.”

~ Wit Saunders (Chuck Austen, Superman: the Man of Steel # 129)

“It still helps to hear someone else say they believe in you—that there is such a thing as right and wrong—and wrong is not living by your beliefs.”

~ Wit Saunders (Chuck Austen, Superman: the Man of Steel # 129)

“How does it feel to poke your own eye out and not feel a thing? How does it feel to hear your own dying gasp? How does it feel to hate yourself as much as you hate others? How is being a clone different from being a man?”

~ David Tischman (Cable # 104)

“Right is right. It’s not subjective. Look at what your Bible says—If everybody did what was right, the world would be a better place.”

~ Nathan Summers (David Tischman, Cable # 102)

“Oh man, I’m going to toss my cookies and…I haven’t even had any cookies. In fact, I’m going to go home and have cookies, just so I can toss them.”

~ Spider-Man (Brian Bendis, Ultimate Spider-Man [HC] vol. 1)

“All battles are won or lost before ever the first blow is struck. Execution is mere formality.”

~ Thanos of Titan (Jim Starlin, The Infinity Abyss # 6)

“So the hunt resumes, and ebon passions burn. Yes, I believe the titan will soon unearth his latest substitute for happiness and contentment. And once again he will find it unfulfilling and wanting. On that day, let the universe tremble. For then someone will surely have to pay for that bitter disappointment.”

~ Adam Warlock (Jim Starlin, The Infinity Abyss # 6)

“Your faith—it’s one of thousands. How do you know you’re backing the right horse?”

~ S.W. Manor (Brian Azzarello, Hellblazer # 172)

“Can God forgive a man…who can’t forgive himself?”

~ S.W. Manor (Brian Azzarello, Hellblazer # 172)

"You can't change the world with a dream."

~ Amelia Vought (Scott Lobdell, Uncanny X-Men # 309)

"All things die...and not always at the time or in the manner of our choosing."

~ Lilandra (Scott Lobdell, Uncanny X-Men # 309)

"But the choices we make, the limits we set for ourselves..will determine whether or not any of us manage to maintain our claim to humanity."

~ Professor X (Scott Lobdell, Uncanny X-Men # 309)

"Where would we be--where would any of us be--if we didn't have each other?"

~ Jean Grey (Scott Lobdell, Uncanny X-Men # 309)

"Damn! Alien invaders, super-villains, monsters, mutants, they all tried. But none of them could kill me. I fought them all and I won! I survived! Who would have thought that, in the end...it'd be my own body that would turn on me and do me in? But what are you carrying on so about, Mar-Vell? It's not as if you've been singled out for this. Everyone has to die someday. Or did you think you were unique? Yes, I guess that's what it's all about. I just never figured it would happen to me..."

~ Captain Mar-vell (Jim Starlin, The Death of Captain Marvel)

"We are small men in a large universe . . . Nothing but dust to the cosmos, except for our capacity to hope. To dream. To try."

~ Superman (Action Comics # 782)

"I'm gonna sleep for a week...then when I'm tired of that, I'll get some rest. Then maybe a little more sleep, if I'm up to it. If not, then I'll just nap for a few weeks."

~ Peter Parker (J. Michael Stracyzinski, Amazing Spider-Man # 35)

"Home is where ya don't have to explain yourself, 'cause everybody knows what you're all about."

~ Wolverine (Larry Hama, Wolverine # 75)

"...and in the silence, one can almost HEAR the fading of a dream."

~ Narration (Fabian Nicieza, X-Men # 25 [October 1993])

"His heart is so big, it makes it all that much easier to break."

~ Martha Kent (Jeph Loeb, Superman # 174)

"They knocked down two tall towers. In their memory, draft a covenenant with your conscience, that we will create a world in which such things need not occur. A world which will not require apologies to children, but also a world whose roads are not paved with the husks of their inalienable rights. They knocked down two tall towers. Graft now their echo onto your spine. Become girders and glass, stone and steel, so that when the world sees you, it sees them. And stand tall. Stand tall. Stand tall."

~ Narration (J. Michael Straczynski, Amazing Spider-Man # 36)

"That's how far the world is from where I am. Just one bad day."

~ The Joker (Alan Moore, Batman: the Killing Joke)

"It's all a joke! Everything anybody ever valued or struggled for...it's all a monstrous, demented gag! So why can't you see the funny side? Why aren't you laughing?"

~ The Joker (Alan Moore, Batman: the Killing Joke)

"So now your generation will know about war. I'm sorry."

~ Anon. (9.11.01)

"Some people carry their shields so they don't get hurt. Others wrap 'em around their heart."

~ Sam Wilson (Captain America vol. 3, # 49)

"You have the air of a man ready to gut the next person who fucks with him, my friend. Bad day?"

~ Rudi Gagarin (Garth Ennis, Fury # 1)