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(Last updated: 05 April, 2007)

"They say the hardest things in life aren't opening doors...it's walking through them when they open for you."

~ Spider-Man (Kaare Andrews, Spider-Man: Reign #4)

"Death isn't scary.  Giving up is."

~ Spider-Man (Kaare Andrews, Spider-Man: Reign #4)

"Anger and courage and truth--they're the daughters of Hope.  Did you know that?"

~ (Kaare Andrews, Spider-Man: Reign #4)

"As in any social setting, your friends are the ones you consider your equals. But your best friends--your closest friends--are the ones you consider your betters."

~ Superman (Brad Meltzer, Justice League of America # 0)

"We can't change the rules everytime something explodes. If we did, the people with the bombs would win."

~ Sally Floyd (Paul Jenkins, Civil War: Frontline # 3)

"There are two things in life that we can be sure of.  You are born and you will die.  And you don't have anything to say about either of them.  But, it's what you do in between--that's what you have control over.  That's how you live your life."

~ Jonathan "Pa" Kent (Jeff Loeb, Sam's Story)

"Guilt is a powerful thing . . . so is learning to live with it."

~ Scarlett (Joe Casey, G.I. Joe: America's Elite # 8)

"We spend too much time regretting the past and worryng about the future . . . The worst thing you can do, the absolute worst--is waste your time being afraid that something good will end."

~ Hal Jordan's dad (Geoff Johns, Green Lantern # 8)

"Life is about who lives. Not who dies!"

~ Mongul & Green Arrow (Geoff Johns, Green Lantern # 8)

"Change comes catastrophically...it comes incrementally...but rarely without pain or price. Humanity is the most stubborn beast of all. It loathes change with its very being. How do you measure the success of a mission that seeks to change the cast of humanity's heart? That labors to shift humanity's very view of itself? Incrementally. Heart by heart...person by person...and in so doing, reaching just one person is a victory."

~ Narration (Greg Rucka, Wonder Woman # 225)

"Imagine the loss one feels at seeing what one was.  And what one shall never be... again."

~ Leonardo (age 45ish) (Murphy, Tales of the TMNT [v.2] # 13)

"Don't equate boredome with wisdom."

~ Leonardo (age 45ish) (Murphy, Tales of the TMNT [v.2] # 13)

"Ha.  Fifteen was fun...I remember it well.  But let's just say that...things change...and that life is at best...bittersweet."

~ Leonardo (age 45ish) (Murphy, Tales of the TMNT [v.2] # 13)

"You aren't just the age you are.  You are all the ages you have ever been."

~ Leonardo (age 100+) (Murphy, Tales of the TMNT [v.2] # 13)